Button, Button, Who’s Got My Button?

Views From the Muse

by Taffy Cannon

My “Sluts for Obama” button arrived on Friday.

It’s not my first political button, of course.  That would be the gold elephant wearing black plastic Goldwater glasses that a friend of my father’s gave me in 1964.  I wore that pin proudly and was always prepared to discuss A Choice Not an Echo, though I can’t remember anybody wanting to. Decades later when we were both very different people, I realized that Hillary Rodham had probably been wearing the same pin on her winter coat that year, in a different suburban neighborhood of our native Chicago.

By the time the next presidential election rolled around in 1968, I was a junior Poli Sci major at Duke and all hell was breaking loose in the political world.

I’d worked the first part of that summer in a loose Congressional internship and had some equally loose connections to the…

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